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Targeted Online Marketing

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You will have a good idea as to who your product or service is aimed at, or, who will be your customers. We can work with you to develop and maintain an online marketing strategy that will be more precisely targeted at those you want to reach.
Some companies will speak of providing a large number of visits to your website, many coming from a largely random audience.Our focus in working with you will be to establish the nature of your preferred customer base and target your marketing activity towards that group.

Using a recent example we were able to achieve 96 website hits to a clients enquiry form page from people that directly matched the person specification and geographical data specified via the marketing format chosen. Not only did the advertisement reach the people it was intended for, our client saved valuable time in the selection process for interviews.

Marketing activity can be an expensive budget item and these need carefully monitoring. We can support you in maximising your budget, getting the best return on your marketing activity through a clearly targeted approach.

So, what can we do for you to generate effective online marketing?

  1. We will ensure that we understand your product or service base.
  2. We will research your target audience along with your positioning in the market in order to identify your strengths and opportunities.
  3. We will create an advert for you that is relevant to potential customers.
  4. We will allocate the advert to the marketing channels that best suit your target audience, the oe they are most likely to access.

Our online marketing strategy has been developed to ensure that we provide consistency and continuity for our customers in the face of changing trends in the world of search engines. This approach takes the stress away from you in giving peace of mind that you will always be directed to the most effective means of promoting your message.

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