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Online Market Research

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More and more our website is becoming the dominant means of communicating who we are and what we can provide or make with a wide audience of visitors to the site including potential customers. It follows then,that the link between what people are searching for through search engines and how you promote your services or products are linked in such a way that brings you together.

To maximise these potential relationships with current and future customers it is crucial that the descriptions of you products or services directly match the words people are entering into search engines with the purpose of finding you rather than your competition.

Using key words in your website text that perform effectively can work wonders in improving meaningful visitors to your site, converting interest into business.

An example in support of the above is a company wanting to sell blue boxes. investigating search engine data suggests that visitors are searching for blue boxes or blue storage. The results were Blue boxes – 700 searches ; Blue storage – 300 searches. Looking at the outcome is a clear reminder that choosing the right description for your marketing needs is crucial to your business.

What we can do for you?

We carry out market research into the best way to describe your product or service and into the range of potential customers that will use search engines to source their requirements. 

We can investigate the best key performing words and those likely to be used by potential customers.

We can develop a website/page from scatch or adjust your current content to optimise it to match the best performing key phrases.

You are always consulted to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Prices start from £56.00 per service or product page

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