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Events Management Services

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If you’ve got an event that you want to attract new or existing customers to, Pin Media can support your wider events management needs.

At Pin Media, we use an approach to advertising that is creative, effective and targeted to your preferred audience. To do this effectively, one of our friendly web design experts will talk to you about your event and find out what type of clients or customers that you want to target. Whether the aim of your event is to generate new business or to build stronger links with existing customers, we can devise a plan that is tailored to your needs and works for you.

Our Events Management Campaigns:

  • Target specific customer segments that you want to attract
  • Are cost effective
  • Are quick to implement
  • Are quick and easy to edit and update

Our websites enable you to manage online sign up and ticket sales with a purchasing platform that remains in your control. This means that, once you have an active site, you will have the tools to manage, edit and update the event details as and when you need to. This is really useful if there is an unanticipated change to your scheduled event that you need to communicate to your attendees quickly and easily.

Our online events sign up tool also allows you to gain key customer data when new or existing customers sign up for one of your events, which enables you to build a database of your current or prospective customers attending the events. This will then further support your Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems and help you build stronger customer relationships. This is also great for gaining a database of emails and phone numbers, making it easy to follow up with customers after the event has taken place.

To find out more about how we can help you with your event management campaign, call us on 01782 824797
or email info@pinmedia.co.uk

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