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Brochure Websites

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If you want to showcase your products and services in a way that allows customers to flick through the pages of an online brochure, Pin Media will create the perfect brochure website that will wow your existing and potential customers.

With our creative design and web design expertise, we can create an attractive, eye-catching website brochure that showcases your services or products, generates new business and cuts down your print production costs.

Our website brochures also allow your customers to interact with the page – they can turn pages, skip to a page they want, zoom in on products to take a closer look and easily click links to request more information about your services or make an online order.

Our Website Brochures:

  • Allow customers to flick through the pages and click links
  • Can link to your website order forms
  • Save on print production costs
  • Are quick and easy to edit and update with self-management tools that come as part of your package

As part of your website package, we will also provide you with easy-to-use self management tools, and give you advice and support on how to use them, so you can manage and update the brochure yourself as and when you need to. This allows you to tweak and change the brochure quickly, easily and at no extra cost. This is perfect for when you want to introduce a brand new product or add an additional service.

Our web design experts have lots of experience in producing easily accessible brochures in a web format. If you’re like to see some examples of website brochures that we’ve already produced, why not click here and view our portfolio.

To find out more about how we can help you promote your products or service with an online brochure, call 01782 824797
or email info@pinmedia.co.uk

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